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I stop time for the people who wish to be transformed by my fabulous Hair and Makeup Artist and by my camera and ultimately by the fine art prints that come with every package purchased. Are you ready to create your dream shoot?

Better Your Relationship: the Best Gift is You

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Better Your Relationship: the Best Gift is You

Bella Sol Portraits

I've had an increase in Boudoir Sessions for Anniversary gifts recently. Why? Because we are visual creatures and it is a gift that is treasured. It makes me think of when photos were brand new and how we carried a picture of a loved one in our pocket or handbag because it's so heartwarming.

Prints seem to be an antiquated thing, with all the digitalness goings on, but it's not... we've just kind of put putting them on paper on the back burner. Think of how you feel when you're holding an album or looking at prints of your loved ones.  

I create products that couples adore. In fact, I've done a shoot myself. Just before Valentine's Day, I was shooting my friend so that she could give her man prints of her. She suggested I do some shots of myself on the same day. I printed some 5x7's and bought some cute balloons.  Make sure they're big enough to support the weight of the images and also make sure each one has the clothes pin to attach them with. Or ask if you can have some like I did. I attached my images to the balloons at the height that would be in his face when he walked in the door. He LOVED that I did that for him. He still has them hanging in the bedroom. He also still has a calendar that I made for him years ago in his shop drawer. 

If you have no idea what you want to do for your shoot, no worries. Designing your session is actually very easy! We meet somewhere over gelato or lunch and I get to know you and your significant other's likes and I answer all your questions... like "what do I wear?"

Wear what you feel beautiful in and if there's items that he particularly loves you in, bring it! Perhaps every time you wear those cutoffs he gets that look in his eyes? We'll work them in!


Or, does nothing else matter, there could be an Earthquake going on and he wouldn't know it when you wear one of his shirts?

His Shirt Boudoir

You don't have to own a large selection of lingerie... you don't even have to own any at all! Even day to day clothing can work.  You tell me what you have and I plan all the rest. Your outfit can be as simple as a bra and panties...

What to Wear for Your Boudoir Session

or a babydoll nightie...

What to Wear For Your Boudoir Session 2

Perhaps you've had your eye on a necklace you love but just don't know what on Earth you'd wear it for? "Jack, draw me in ONLY the necklace."

Pearl Necklace Boudoir

Or bring nothing at all and wear a skirt, or dress and/or corset from my garment rack.

bareback boudoir
Booty Shot Boudoir


Here's some ideas for giving the gift of Boudoir...

  • Bridal: To gift your fianc√© on or before your wedding Day. For example, say you purchase my middle package of 10 images. On each day of the 10 days before your wedding, put a print with a sweet nothing (or something naughty!) on it somewhere where he'll find it.... and so on and so on until hopefully you can make it to your Honeymoon Suite!
  • Or you could do the 12 days of Christmas with prints, albums, books, etc. There's even puzzles, vintage viewfinders and leather-bound albums that you could have "Hey Stud" or anything you want printed on!
  • Anniversary/Birthday/Valentine's Day/Day that ends in Y Gifts to show how much you adore them.
  • Self Care. We should all celebrate Life events. Why not commemorate the milestones a woman's body goes through throughout a lifetime? Having babies... beating cancer... meeting a fitness goal... overcoming a traumatic event such as divorce. It's SO empowering.
  • To spice things up. You can make all kinds of fun games with your images, like a scavenger hunt with clues on the back of prints strategically placed around your place. Or, you could send them a digital image on their phone while they're working or away. Little black book's come in beautiful packaging, of which they could tuck away in their briefcase, backpack or desk. 
  • Make it fun and even more memorable... make your session themed... Pinup, Cosplay, Dudoir (oh yes, it's a thing!) Vintage, Glamour, Steampunk, Rennaisance, Fine Art Nude in Nature.

Are you ready to plan your Session? And if you need help keeping it a secret to not ruin the surprise, I can help with that too! Such as, to explain the fantastic makeup you'll have on, Sephora has makeover days... wink wink. But truthfully, my professional hair and makeup artist will be the one pampering you. You'll look so good for your session that he may want to take you out on the town after your shoot!  

Boudoir Makeover
chaise boudoir