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I stop time for the people who wish to be transformed by my fabulous Hair and Makeup Artist and by my camera and ultimately by the fine art prints that come with every package purchased. Are you ready to create your dream shoot?

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Why You Should Print Your Portraits

Bella Sol Portraits

80's hair and Olan Mills. I'm glad the 80's hair has faded but I miss the portraits on the walls! How did digitals become the norm? Yes it's popular to have digitals for your social media and screensaver, but where do they go from there?  Your friends forget your photo you uploaded as soon as they like it or love.  You know what I think was cool? When folks used to have their portrait painted then ornately framed and proudly hung on their wall. Why did this stop?  Maybe it's that our walls have been replaced with mass-produced-pastel-cow-head-faux-paintings and prints of famous prints and our attention has been steered away from family pride and into our phones and computer screens. 

Where are your portraits? On a USB in a drawer somewhere? When's the last time you had any professionally done? If you have children, what is this saying to them? A study showed that when kiddos see a photo of them in their home, it boosts their self-esteem... gives them a sense of belonging, knowing where they come from and that they are loved. 

What is filling your walls? Something unique and full of heartfelt pride or something practically every other Ikea shopper has? Let's bring our portraits back into the real world! 

I know you would like to be photographed with. Who with? Your children? Your pet? Your spouse/significant other/life partner? Your Mom? Your Dad? Your car? Your favorite tree? Or maybe you want to be pampered and made to feel like a model after a makeover! In this hectic world, you deserve it! How do you want to be remembered? What if your favorite social media deletes your page? It happens! You've lost everything, unless you can locate that USB. Which is still unreliable. The photos from my last iPhone magically disappeared. Gone forever. 

#printyourphotos. My prints are rated archival to last at least 100 years. It can last even longer if preserved in a frame or folio box, both of which I offer as products. When you're gone, they will be treasured by your loved ones. Think about it... you've lost someone you love, right? What do you have left of them? Photos at least, I hope.

Click on Contact at the top of this page to book a free consultation to discuss how you would like to be photographed and go over wardrobe and pricing. You have nothing to lose! Questions? Ask me!  My job is to take the best portrait of you that you've ever seen. Whether or not you purchase is entirely up to you.