Bella Sol Portraits


About you

Remember when you used to play dress-up?

Yes, it made you feel like a Princess, right? Let's do it again!

No, you've never played dress-up? Well, isn't it about time you did?!


It's not about me, it's about you. Let me remind you, through my camera, how gorgeous you are.

The Fire Within

When we lived closer to the fire, when our lives depended upon the careful tending of the hearth, we had before us a symbol of the need for nourishment that lay deep in our souls. ~Anne Scott

Love is the Fire of Life; it either consumes or purifies. I'm referring to the love of self. Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life many of us have forgotten how beautiful we are, dimming our fires. I can help you reignite that fire... however tiny, however deep, I can promise you that at your portrait reveal session, you will see the fire in your eyes, making your whole being glow. Let me help you love yourself.

Photo taken by my daughter, Danielle.

Photo taken by my daughter, Danielle.